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Thanks Kevin for the response.

It works with Swiften, but unfortunately the License cost of Swiften is much higher than Gloox :-(

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On Thu, Nov 22, 2012 at 1:44 PM, Taranbir Singh - ERS, HCL Tech <Taranbir.Singh at hcl.com> wrote:
> We want to make GLOOX library to make BOSH+TLS+PROXY Connection.
> We are trying to make a connection with the combination BOSH +TLS + PROXY. Unfortunately things are not working, I have attached code and logs. Would request you help.
> Even we are okay to use some other library to make this connection via C++, please suggest.

  Can't help with Gloox, but the equivalent Swiften code ( http://swift.im/swiften ) would be (I haven't checked this is exactly correct by compiling it):

> ConnectionTCPClient* tcp_client = new ConnectionTCPClient( 
> client->logInstance(), proxy_host, proxy_password);
> ConnectionHTTPProxy* http_proxy = new ConnectionHTTPProxy(client, 
> tcp_client, client->logInstance(),bosh_server,bosh_port);
> http_proxy->setProxyAuth(proxy_user,proxy_password);
> ConnectionTLS* tls_connection= new 
> ConnectionTLS(http_proxy,client->logInstance());
> ConnectionBOSH* bosh_connection = new ConnectionBOSH( client, 
> tls_connection, client->logInstance(), bosh_server, xmpp_server);
> client->setConnectionImpl( bosh_connection );

#include <Swiften/Swiften.h>

using namespace Swift;

int main(int, char**) {
SimpleEventLoop eventLoop;
BoostNetworkFactories networkFactories(&eventLoop);
Client* client = new Client("me at server.lit", "mypassword", networkFactories); /* Substituting the JID and password accordingly.
ClientOptions options;
options.boshURL= URL::fromString("http://server.lit/http-bind/"); /* Substituting the correct URL to the BOSH endpoint */ options.boshHTTPConnectProxyURL = URL::fromString("https://wwwproxy.server.lit:8080/"); /* Substituting the host/port for those of the proxy */ options.boshHTTPConnectProxyAuthID = "proxy username"; /* substituting the user name needed to authenticate with the proxy. Remove this line if the proxy doesn't require authentication */ options.boshHTTPConnectProxyAuthPassword = "proxy password"; /* substituting the user password needed to authenticate with the proxy.
Remove this line if the proxy doesn't require authentication */
/* Insert here whatever handlers you want for receiving messages etc.
- see http://swift.im/swiften/guide/ */
return 0;

Hope that helps.


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