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Sun Feb 17 00:23:58 UTC 2013

This probably touches on things a lot of us work on.
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Date: 14 Feb 2013 17:28
Subject: [apps-discuss] Revised proposal for a DNS API
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Greetings again. After my message a few weeks ago, a couple applications
developers were interested enough in the DNS API proposal I am working on
to subscribe to the mailing list and send in some really good ideas. I have
acted on those, and am soliciting for more.

Please see http://www.vpnc.org/getdns-api/ for the current API proposal and
description of the design principles I used to put it together; subscribe
to the mailing list at http://www.vpnc.org/mailman/listinfo/getdns-api

I am still seeking input from application developers to say what they would
really want to see in an API. I based the design on input from an informal
gang of application developers, but I'm sure that other application
developers have thought "what I really want from the DNS is X and I want to
be able to ask in with an API that does Y"; early discussion on the mailing
list has shown that to be true. At some point in the not-distant-future, I
will call the design "finished" and hopefully someone will want to
implement it.

Please don't discuss the design on the Application Area mailing list; it is
really not appropriate here given that this is not IETF work. I just wanted
to alert folks of this work.

--Paul Hoffman
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