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Jonas Wielicki xmpp-dev at sotecware.net
Sat Jan 19 10:23:18 UTC 2013

On 19.01.2013 00:09, Ludovic BOCQUET wrote:
> Reminder: I think that Peter has contacted you about Jabber trademark.
I got curious after your mentioning of it. It might be sensible to place
the considerations of the jabber trademark more prominently on the
xmpp.org website. It took me google to find the conditions. I'm not sure
people would expect the trademark info to be listed under About -> The
XSF, and even there it's not at a really prominent place.

I'd expect it to be under some legal notes, reachable through the footer
of every page on the site, maybe also in the FAQ, but certainly in the
History, where jabber doesn't have the ® mark (I guess that you as the
holder of the mark are not required to add the ®, but it helps people to
notice that jabber is in fact a trademark).

just my two cents,

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