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Mon Jul 8 17:55:57 UTC 2013

Hi Lloyd!,

First of all, super project!. I would say its more a library than an actual client (almost on the same level as strophe.js and stanza.io). Even though I use strophe for web stuff I still see the use cases for this library and others of the same kind.

Talking about stanza.io, I don't see that one on the site either?. Shouldn't we promote these libraries, even though they are quite new?


On Jul 8, 2013, at 7:16 PM, Steven Lloyd Watkin <lloyd at evilprofessor.co.uk> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Now that I'm getting to the point where i'm happy with this project I'd like to request that XMPP-FTW be added to xmpp.org -however I'm not sure whether client or libraries is most suitable for it (?).  Also included a little introduction below for those who haven't come across it yet.
> Cheers, Lloyd.
> What is it?
> XMPP-FTW exposes XMPP over a websocket* and allows users to interact using named 'events' and JSON. The server itself sits between the browser and an XMPP server and translates messages on-the-fly. Events allow the server to fill in gaps which allows the JSON messages to only include the parts they need.
> Theoretically it is also able to run in a browser and talk to an XMPP server over BOSH/websocket but I haven't tried to do this yet.
> Who is it for?
> Web-based developers who would like to create XMPP-powered applications for the browser but are put off by things like XML, BOSH, and the complexity of building stanzas.
> Website / Source code
> The project is hosted at https://xmpp-ftw.jit.su with a demo system and full manual. The source code is all Apache 2.0 licenced and hosted on github (and available though node.js's NPM).
> Its actually broken down into several projects which developer can use as much or as little of:
> https://github.com/lloydwatkin/xmpp-ftw  ::: xmpp-ftw  ::: core xmpp
> https://github.com/lloydwatkin/xmpp-ftw  ::: xmpp-ftw-muc
> https://github.com/lloydwatkin/xmpp-ftw   ::: xmpp-ftw-pubsub
> https://github.com/lloydwatkin/xmpp-ftw   ::: xmpp-ftw-disco
> https://github.com/lloydwatkin/xmpp-ftw   ::: xmpp-ftw-demo ::: packaged demo system
> https://github.com/lloydwatkin/xmpp-ftw-item-parser ::: xmpp-ftw-item-parser ::: build/parse standard pubsub payloads
> https://github.com/lloydwatkin/xmpp-ftw-superfeedr  ::: xmpp-ftw-superfeedr  ::: Superfeedr extension
> https://github.com/lloydwatkin/xmpp-ftw-buddycloud  ::: xmpp-ftw-buddycloud  ::: buddycloud extension (in progress)
> * or any other transport you can make compatible
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