[jdev] Message Read Receipts

Michael Weibel michael.weibel+xmpp at gmail.com
Tue May 14 12:58:31 UTC 2013


> Although I question the usefulness of spending time and energy defining
> an extension whose usefulness we find debatable, I wonder: what would
> the user experience be here? Do I need to click a button verifying that
> I have read and understood each message (say, before the client will
> show me another message)?

maybe I can join in this discussion because we implemented at Mila.com the mark as read as well, but in a custom protocol. 

We store all messages in a database in order for our clients to be retrievable by an API. 
When now a new message gets sent from Alice to Bob, the database will be updated and the conversation will be marked as unread. 

Bob now opens his browser or smartphone and sees that he received a new message. He goes to the conversation and reads the message. At the point when he received the message, we broadcast a custom "read"-message to all online resources of Bob. This way we ensure that if he's connected with another Client, the conversation won't be marked as unread on the other Client. 

We currently do not mark each message as read or unread, just the conversation between two users.

So sending the read message is done automatically.

- Michael

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