[jdev] Question on login through OAuth

stefano bennati benna86 at gmail.com
Sat May 18 10:02:22 UTC 2013

Dear Jabber/XMPP developers,
After reading the news that Google is dropping support for XMPP from their
IM service, I was considering to drop Google in advance and migrate to
another provider.

I am currently developing an application to chat with GTalk contacts.
I would like now to move away from GTalk and register the user to another
XMPP provider but, to keep the user experience unchanged, use OAuth to log
in to this service with Google credentials.
The idea is that the application registers the user to provider A and
generates a random password, then associates the accounts user at jabber.comto
user at gmail.com.
Each time the user wants to log in, the application presents the Google
page, user logs in with Google credentials and the application receives a
token from Google. Now the application knows that user is authenticated,
therefore it authenticates user to provider A.
The question is: is it feasible to log in, using Google credentials, to
provider A without hardcoding the password in the application?

Thank you for your precious help!

Kind regards
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