[jdev] Message Read Receipts

Lance Stout lancestout at gmail.com
Sun May 19 10:05:39 UTC 2013

Oi, sorry for the messed up reply.

> Thanks for the Feedback.
> I think the issue with embedding it in a message is the neither XEP-0136 or XEP-0313 store message that have no body, which a includes a last read message.
> Keeping it as a separate XEP means it can be used with any Message Archiving solution.

Fair enough. Though MAM does allow arbitrary message storage, and enabling that would be just as easy as adding support for another XEP.

> Also the auto sending of read is something I want to avoid, if they haven't read it then don't move the marker.

You still have to deal with a client being focused and active with no user input. Basically I have my phone chat app up and I'm staring at it reading but not replying. Does the client update the last read ids automatically in that case?
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