[jdev] manifesto 0.4

Marco Cirillo maranda at lightwitch.org
Fri Nov 8 00:33:07 UTC 2013

Il 08/11/2013 00:13, Alexander Holler ha scritto:
> Another which didn't understood.
> I just said want to be able to use weak security. It's about having 
> the choice.
> Maybe because I don't need strong encryption or mabye because I have 
> devices which are unable to use strong encryption, maybe because of ...
> There might be a lot of reasons why I might not want or why I might be 
> unable to use strong encryption on a specific server, device or whatever.
I think *everyone* understood your points upto now, what I *suppose* 
people has been trying to hint you is that they're not valid ones, or at 
least not valid to this discussion.

Mind that what we're trying to improve here, is at a rather "low" level 
the end user may or may not be aware of, or ultimately may not be 
interested into. And making users aware of the issue (absolutely legit), 
teaching implications or giving 'em choice (also valid) etc.. IMHO is 
beyond the scope of this manifesto.
> If I do look at the facts, there are those special letters. And if you 
> don't have physical control about your server (e.g. if you don't sleep 
> besides it),
If you mean official notifications, yes there're and they're supposed to 
be delivered first to the recipients you know...? So hardly "you won't 
notice" (as the root of the word implies they're supposed to make you 
> those letters enable some unnamed government to get your keys without 
> you noticing it,
Above statement ^.
> And it doesn't help me, if that country isn't a dictorship when that 
> country feels free to handle everyone from the outside like a possible 
> terrorist, outlaw or human without rights.
*Le sigh*
> Anyway, now it's really enough. I feel like I've ended up in a 
> kindergarten with a lot of people which seem to have become angry 
> because I did say something against a small part of their toy and 
> which do prefer to play the three monkeys and which like to turn my 
> words in my mouth into something I never said.

I don't think I did try to put into your mouth words or twist ones 
coming out of it (or anyone else did by that matter), but FWIW, as side 
note, the way you did address people as, expecially in the last posts, 
isn't exactly proper.

And you're right, it's *really enough* (at least for me).


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