[jdev] The `XMPP as a social network` idea

H8H h8h at dev-nu11.de
Wed Feb 11 00:33:12 UTC 2015

Hey guys

First of all I would like to thank you for all your feedback. I don't
know that the idea is so heavily discussed (after the nice post from
stefan) and on active development.

> So "XMPP as a social network" is defenitely an idea being actively
> worked on.

I like :-).

On 09.02.2015 11:16, Simon Tennant wrote:
> Some Buddycloud customers have deployed the into security-sensitive
> environments. I'm sure they would be interested in these new Java
> vulnerabilities.

I don't know that Buddycloud is `just` a backend, Simon Tennant. Due to
that the frontend is to protect. At the time I wrote the initial e-mail
I thought on something like buddycloud compared with tomcat. And I don't
like Tomcat (and its vulnerabilities) very much, even java, but not to
bring java to the front(end) is a thing I can get used to it. :). So
I've get bc a go.

On 09.02.2015 11:16, Simon Tennant wrote:
> Good point - people don't use a social network because it's written
> in a language or uses XMPP.

Not people but sysadmins. I don't want to mess up my server with java
ruby on rails and python installations.

On 09.02.2015 15:14, bernhard wrote:
> I make a webclient for Buddycloud. It's pre-alpha,
> but feedback is welcome.

Nice work and hang on your plan :-) :
> The plan is, to make a facebook replacement

On 09.02.2015 12:15, Goffi wrote:
We are working on a "social network" in python, and looking for devs !
The project is well advanced: http://salut-a-toi.org (demo on

Still waiting for the validation mail :-)

Folks, we should keep this thread up, that everyone can share updates on
his projects and roadmaps.


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