[jdev] FOSDEM 2017 and XMPP Summit 21 dates

"André Z. D. A." andrezda10 at yandex.com
Wed Jul 27 21:28:15 UTC 2016

Maybe not directly related to what you expected to read in replies to this
message, but I want to say a few things that I wish that XMPP had.

I am desapointed with what I can do now with XMPP. Mobiles clients are not
as good as clients for Telegram and Whatsapp. There are alternatives,
which is good. But not as good when people are not using them because they
do not give what similar programs already do well (or, if you analyse,
just good enough), and they are popular. XMPP does not have something good
for normal people wanting to use them. Talking with one or two people??
That is what I offer to the very few friends whom accepted to use XMPP
just because I use  it. But who else does??? That is missing. As I have
said, the limitations of mobile clients compared with XMPP desktop clients
are considerable, and sometimes they are just what I needed - in better
words, they are just what someone who accepted it with my indication

I hope that something meaninful in these aspects come out of these
encounters. Keep the list informed when it ends!

Kind regards

-=-=-=-=-= Certo dia, Ralph Meijer escreveu: =-=-=-=-=-
> Hi all,
> The FOSDEM organization has announced the dates for the 2017 edition:
> Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 February. As usual, we will try to arrange for
> having another Realtime Lounge, as well as a devroom, as soon as the
> Call for Participation happens. Of course, you can already start
> thinking about:
>  * Your demo for the Realtime Lounge (if allocated). Anything related to
> XMPP or other open realtime protocols or technology goes. IoT stuff is
> always a great thing to show off something as abstract as protocols.
>  * Your talk, presentation, etc., for the devroom (if allocated).
>  * Your main track or lightning talk.
> Additionally, I am proud to announce that the XSF is once again
> organizing an XMPP Summit, for the 21st time. The dates are Thursday 2
> and Friday 3 February.
> Usually, we spend these days talking about XMPP protocols in plenary
> sessions. However, this year, we wanted to settle on the dates as soon
> as possible to have plenty of time to do other things. We could have
> parallel sessions, BoFs, (invited?) talks from people outside our
> community, coding or interop sessions, you name it. In fact:
>   You name it!
> If you have any suggestions for things we could do at the XMPP Summit,
> let me know, or write them down on our shiny new wiki page:
>   https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Summit_21
> Please also consider sponsoring the traditional XMPP Dinner, most likely
> on Thursday evening, or the XSF in general. You can contact me or any
> other Board member on this.
> So, jot down the dates for FOSDEM and the XMPP Summit in your calendar,
> and sign up as participant at this wiki page, so we can look into Hotel
> discounts and generally prepare for another great Summit.
> I hope to see a lot of you in Brussels, again.
> --
> Cheers,
> ralphm
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