[jdev] XMPP-UK Security MeetUp: London, 8th Dec 2016

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Thu Nov 24 20:56:14 UTC 2016


If you're in or close to London in early December, we'd like to
welcome to you this free event. This event is unaffiliated with the
XMPP Standards Foundation, though quite a few members (including Board
and Council) happen to be attending.


** Let's Talk About Security **

It seems like every Instant Messaging app these days is touting itself
as having the latest security... But what about XMPP?

Is XMPP "secure"? From what? And what does that really mean, anyway?

Some of the leading experts in XMPP security - not just in the UK,
either - are coming to talk to us about encryption, strong
authentication, content controls and more, in an all-round great
evening of talks and discussion - fuelled and followed by the odd
glass of something.

We'll learn about XMPP's use of both well-established
certificate-based technology and the bleeding edge of end-to-end
encryption. We'll discover how XMPP is used securely across a vast
array of wildly different ecosystems. And most importantly, there will
be pizza.

Space is unfortunately very limited, so please let us know if you're
coming - it's free to attend, all we want in return is your voice in
the discussions.

** Speakers **

Steve Kille - Content Marking

Steve has been working with Internet technologies for decades, and was
present when the Internet arrived in the UK. CEO of Isode Ltd, one of
the instigators behind LDAP, and a renowned expert in secure
messaging, Steve will be giving us his expertise in Security

Daniel Gultsch - End to End Cryptography

Daniel is lead developer of the popular Android client, Conversations,
and also one of the authors of the OMEMO XEP bringing Double-Ratchet
cryptography to XMPP. Currently serving on the XMPP Council, he has
implemented three different forms of end-to-end encryption in
Conversations, and will be discussing their strengths and weaknesses.

Dave Cridland - S2S Security

Dave has put bugs into many of the leading XMPP Servers, and is
currently project lead for IgniteRealtime's Openfire, lead developer
for Surevine's Metre, and serves on the XMPP Council. He'll be talking
DANE, DNSSEC, PKIX, and Dialback and server to server security.

Kevin Smith - XMPP Trunking

Kev leads Isode's XMPP team, including both M-Link and Swift
development, and has previously led development on the well-known Psi
client. Currently serving on the XMPP Editor team managing the
specifications, he has previously served a record length of time on
the XMPP Council. He will be discussing non-traditional ways of
linking XMPP servers.

Matthew Wild - Comparative Theology

Matthew currently serves on both the Board of the XMPP Standards
Foundation and as project lead of Prosody, a leading XMPP server. He
has previous served a number of years on the XMPP Council. He'll be
comparing the security found in XMPP with other protocols.

I'm really looking forward to this event, hope to see you there - and
really, do sign-up (for the sign-up averse, let me know directly).


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