[jdev] Resource Binding Means End of Stream Negotiation?

殷啟聰 seamlikok at gmail.com
Wed Aug 16 03:18:08 UTC 2017


Yes I noticed that note, though I believe the "exception" means "must not
send stanza before completing stream negotiation except for Resource
Binding" rather than "send a <features/> element after negotiating every
feature except Resource Binding".


No I didn't test against other servers. The server I used was ejabberd from
Debian Sid. My client only supports WebSocket for now and there are so few
XMPP providers out there enabling WebSocket. ☹️

2017年8月16日 01:43 於 "Peter Saint-Andre" <stpeter at stpeter.im> 寫道:

> On 8/15/17 10:34 AM, Kai-Chung Yan (殷啟聰) wrote:
> > Dear XMPP community,
> >
> > I am implementing (yet another) XMPP client library and found
> > something confusing in RFC 6120: XMPP Core.
> >
> > Section 4.3.5 states that the receiving party sends either an empty
> > <features/> element or one containing only optional features in order
> > to indicate the completion of a stream negotiation. In fact, I
> > believe the receiving party should send a <features/> element
> > immediately after negotiating every single feature.
> >
> > However my client stuck after finishing Resource Binding and both
> > parties are waiting for further XML data. After I changed the
> > behavior to assume that Resource Binding indicates end of stream
> > negotiation, everything works perfectly I can start exchanging
> > stanzas.
> >
> > Does that indicate that Resource Binding means the end of a stream
> > negotiation? I fail to find such policy in RFC 6120 or its errata.
> It sounds to me as if the server software you're connecting to makes an
> incorrect assumption. Have you tested this with multiple server
> implementations?
> Peter
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