[jdev] data forms with different access models (Goffi)

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Hello Goffi

A similar effect, with context-sensitive content in a form can be made using Dynamic Data Forms (XEP-0336).

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Subject: [jdev] data forms with different access models
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I would like to have a dataform in a pubsub item with different access models
for the fields, for instance a "body" field would be public while a "email"
field would be only accessible to a white list of jid.

I think of 2 ways of achieving that with a standard PubSub service:

        - having an intermediate service which open a private node on the pubsub
service, and which know how to handle the fields and permissions.
        PROS: simple design
        CONS: needs an extra layer, not generic

        - having a way to "compose" data form in several nodes. The main node/item
would be a list of nodes with different access  models (first node is white
list, second is open), the client try all nodes an gather the data it can
access to compose a final form.
        PROS: working with current pubsub services, generic, we have fields history
for free
        CONS: more complicated design, difficult to search items, more requests

Maybe there is an other way I haven't thought about.

What do you think is the best way? Do you have better idea?



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