[jdev] Fwd: [Operators] [ANN] Muclumbus: Search engine for public Multi-User Chat Rooms

Jonas Wielicki jonas at wielicki.name
Thu Jul 26 19:04:50 UTC 2018

I meant to send this to jdev@ back then too, but I was subscribed with the 
wrong address and thus my email got dropped. So if anyone has missed it, here 
you go.

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Subject: [Operators] [ANN] Muclumbus: Search engine for public Multi-User Chat 
Date: Dienstag, 12. Juni 2018, 18:42:50 CEST
From: Jonas Wielicki <jonas at wielicki.name>
To: operators <operators at xmpp.org>
CC: jdev <jdev at jabber.org>

Dear list,

A few weeks back I started to work on a new search engine for public Multi-
User Chat Rooms.

After a few days of public beta after more-or-less publicly announcing it in a 
few MUCs, I thought it’d make sense to share it to the operators and 
developers lists, too. The web service is hosted here:


It obtains its data by two ways:

- Invitations to rooms (it won’t join)
- Scanning domains it learns that way for more rooms and more domains.

For more details please visit the website or ask me via email or XMPP (address 
is the same for both).

If you are a room owner and want your room (de-)listed, visit [1].
If you are a service operator and want your domain/rooms (de-)listed, visit 

The service also offers an HTTP-based JSON-API and an XMPP-based API with 
XEP-0059 support for querying the rooms. Both are documented under [3].

Only rooms which are configured via XEP-0045 room configuration to be publicly 
listed are included in the listing, even if the service is invited explicitly 
to join a non-public room.

If you experience any issues with the service, have ideas on how to improve 
it, questions, or other concerns, please get in touch with me. You find 
contact information on the website, you can just reply directly to me via this 
email, or you can contact me via XMPP at xmpp:jonas at wielicki.name. You’ll also 
find me in various XMPP-related MUCs (e.g. xsf@, jdev@, but only rarely in 
operators@) under my jonasw handle. I’m happy to share technical details to 
those interested. The full source code of crawler bot, web and XMPP API is 
available at [4].

kind regards & happy jabbering,

   [1]: https://muclumbus.jabbercat.org/docs/owners
   [2]: https://muclumbus.jabbercat.org/docs/operators
   [3]: https://muclumbus.jabbercat.org/docs/api
   [4]: https://github.com/horazont/muchopper
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