[jdev] XEP-0333 - Chat Markers for MUC's

george b scooterschorschi at gmail.com
Fri Sep 13 18:25:49 UTC 2019


I am struggling with chat markers in MUC's.

In 1on1 chat, this works like expected:

<message from="aa at jabber-germany.de/shmoose" id="
ce3f1534-ef71-4d6f-b699-661342ab4803" to="bb at jabber.de" type="chat">


<markable xmlns="urn:xmpp:chat-markers:0"></markable>


<message id="33abcee5-7784-47eb-8841-14ba3e725d30" to="aa at jabber-germany.de"
from="bb at jabber.de/shmoose">

<displayed xmlns="urn:xmpp:chat-markers:0" id="


But what is the 'to' address to answer the <markable> tag on MUC's? The
endclient didn't know the real jabber ID of the requesting room member. I
tried sending the <displayed> tag to the room. Does not work. I tried to
send the <displayed> tag to the room with the members name as a resource.
Does not work.

Does someone has a hint for me here? The description in the xep 0333 does
not help here (at least for me).

Best regards

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