[jdev] Mercury-IM Gideon, you have something i want

Sergei Udris sergei.udris at gmail.com
Tue Feb 8 17:19:17 UTC 2022

Mercury-IM Gideon, you have something i want - quest to deliver Grogu to
Jedi - program peer-to-peer programs, including new competitive games

you may think you have some idea of what you are in possession of but you
do not - redoing what was done before is like Neo taking blue pill, turning
program into project like Metrocity pushing Metroman to be their hero when
he wants to be Musicman, siding with First Order by doing servers and
accepting galaxy without peer-to-peer github, games, twitch, email when
Mandalorian credo is p2p, programming no games like proud Bulcan Academy:
no wonder Spock chose Starfleet - ministers, thank you for your
consideration, live long and prosper

soon he will be back with me - plain as Cowspiracy: if Federer instead of
competing for grand-slams settled for playing in some local weekend league,
if Linux - could have been called Freax but inner Jabba the Hutt prevailed
- agreed to be inferior to Imperial OSs instead of being better and running
everywhere including Watney's rover on Mars, if torrent clients accepted
Empire-server-networks-only galaxy instead of being the Republic of data
and generating most traffic, if Jesus instead of giving sight to Bartimaeus
ignored and walked pass - even Joker would give up Gotham to them for being
scarier villains

he means more to me than you will ever know - even dust of Mercury-IM
valley we shake off of Blurrg feet, but be sure - peer-to-peer programs,
including unseen competitive games - are climbing like Honnold on El
Sendero Luminosa, no projects no experiments no docs no
issue-scratching-on-top-of-our-heads no money/sponsor/donate/ads/jobs/coins
lethal infection - programs who are guests not workers, living and singing
with their won voice like Adele Skyfall, better than what Borg of money can
collective-gram - are on their way along with Pat Brown and Impossible
Foods mission - both will be served in vegan jars of beskar parens ( )

this is the way

Paul Hogan: if you really feel you dont deserve an Academy award - just
give us a wave from your seat
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