[Jingle] Which client has already implemented Jingle

Paul Witty paulrw at codian.com
Tue Jul 8 11:38:40 CDT 2008

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> badi at yambi.com wrote:
>> I would like to know which other client a part from Spark has already 
>> implemented Jingle (stantard)? We are busy testing Jingle in our own 
>> client and would like to test the interoperability with others
> There is support in Psi [1], but it's in SVN only and under heavy 
> development so YMMV. The same is true of Gajim [2], I think. You might 
> also look at Farsight. [3] There is support in some other clients but 
> they are not open-source AFAIK. Perhaps others know more...
I did have an implementation of Jingle which was compliant with the XEPs 
at the time.  Then the specifications moved on and left me behind.  But 
I'm currently working on moving back into line, and hope to have a box I 
can put online later this week.  Afraid it's one of 
http://www.codian.com/products/ipgw3500.htm, which means that the 
implementation is closed source, and not exactly available for people to 
play with in the comfort of their own offices, but should be good for 
some interoperability testing for implementations of XEPs 0166, 0167, 
0176, 0177 & 0181.


Paul Witty

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