[Jingle] Which client has already implemented Jingle

Paul Witty paulrw at codian.com
Wed Jul 9 10:09:24 CDT 2008

Paul Witty wrote:
> Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
>> badi at yambi.com wrote:
>>> I would like to know which other client a part from Spark has 
>>> already implemented Jingle (stantard)? We are busy testing Jingle in 
>>> our own client and would like to test the interoperability with others
>> There is support in Psi [1], but it's in SVN only and under heavy 
>> development so YMMV. The same is true of Gajim [2], I think. You 
>> might also look at Farsight. [3] There is support in some other 
>> clients but they are not open-source AFAIK. Perhaps others know more...
> I did have an implementation of Jingle which was compliant with the 
> XEPs at the time.  Then the specifications moved on and left me 
> behind.  But I'm currently working on moving back into line, and hope 
> to have a box I can put online later this week.  Afraid it's one of 
> http://www.codian.com/products/ipgw3500.htm, which means that the 
> implementation is closed source, and not exactly available for people 
> to play with in the comfort of their own offices, but should be good 
> for some interoperability testing for implementations of XEPs 0166, 
> 0167, 0176, 0177 & 0181.
As promised, now available at paulipgw2 at jabber.codian.com, which should 
automatically accept roster add requests.  Upon connecting, it should 
give a menu including a video with sound, and clients with DTMF support 
can press 1 to attempt to speak to me.  I currently have support for 
G.711u and G.711a for audio, and H.261/H.263 for video, with various 
other audio/video codecs (not including Speex/Theora though) available 
with a bit of work on request.  Both raw UDP and ICE are supported, with 
the box sitting on a public IP address for raw UDP.  ICE is largely 



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