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Forwarding to jingle at xmpp.org for further discussion if necessary. I 
don't think we covered all of these items at the summit...


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Robert McQueen wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I'm one of the directors of Collabora (http://www.collabora.co.uk/), we
> do development and consultancy on open source real-time communications
> and streaming stuff. I'm the lead developer of the Telepathy real-time
> communications framework (http://telepathy.freedesktop.org/), which is
> used on the Nokia internet tablets, and the OLPC project. XMPP is our
> preferred supported protocol, and we've worked a lot on Jingle (our
> support, and the specs) over the past year or two.

Hi Rob, I'm excited that you'll be there!

> We're currently updating our implementation to the current state of
> play, and would like to meet with fellow Jinglers to nail down a whole
> load of outstanding Jingle issues:

Thanks for the list of open issues. Let's get this stuff worked out so
that we can advance these specs to Draft already. :)

> * getting rid of weird SIP hang-overs in jingle like profiles


> * sensible fallbacks between jingle transports, content-replace is kinda
> loss

I think we also need to figure out renegotiation of an existing session
(IMHO this is closely connected to what you are calling "sensible

> * TLS over jingle stuff

By this do you mean (1) encryption of Jingle-negotiated media such as
voice or video (e.g., via SRTP or DTLS) or (2) use of Jingle to
negotiate an encrypted end to end XMPP session as in XEP-0247?

> * jingle descriptions for "arbitrary stream protocol" transportation,
> like any DNS-SD service (rfb, chess, whatever)

Looking forward to hearing what this is.

> * other APIs which are useful for collaborative applications (shared
> document models, but not weird bonghits like SXE)

Please, tell us what you really think. :) Is this connected to the stuff
   we talked about in Brussels for exchanging DOM object changes (or even
random JSON data etc.)?

> * stacking/layering/nesting jingle transports, so we can say "here's a
> reliability layer, on top of an unreliable transport" or "here's a TLS
> layer on top of this unsecure transport"

Again, I'm looking forward to hearing your descriptions of these.

> I'm also interested in seeing if people have interest in Jingle
> descriptions for including existing stream protocols, datagram
> protocols, and D-Bus IPC, so that we can standardise/interoperate
> Telepathy's Tubes (http://telepathy.freedesktop.org/wiki/Tubes,
> http://people.collabora.co.uk/~robot101/telepathy-guadec-2008.pdf).


> I'll be arriving a little late on Monday morning because I'm speaking on
> Sunday afternoon at LUG Radio Live in the UK, but will stick around
> until Thursday so I can put in an appearance at the Oregon Brewers
> Festival (http://www.oregonbrewfest.com/). :D

Good plan. I didn't have the foresight to work that in, so I'm leaving
earlier in the day on Thursday. :/

> Look forward to seeing you there.


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