[Jingle] schemas (was: Re: XEP-0177 : What is the "received" informational message for ?)

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Sun Jul 27 21:33:01 CDT 2008

Jeff Williams wrote:
> Hi,
>  From the schemas and examples it seems ambiguous which way this is 
> supposed to go because of the use of namespace="##other" and then our 
> use of <element> for type definitions at the top-level of the XSDs. 
>  Since I've always had trouble wrapping my brain around Jingle's complex 
> set of XSDs I took Detlev's email as a prompt to run it all through an 
> XML document validator.

Thanks for doing that.

> I've attached a complete set of files that represent all of the Jingle 
> examples (xep0166-examples.xml, xep0167-examples.xml, etc.) and the XSDs 
> needed to validate them.  I placed XML comments in all of the files 
> where there was a problem with validation.  Look for <!-- spec-error - 
> xxxx -->.  I won't be at the conference next week, but could someone 
> review these validation failures to see if they're real or not, and 
> decide what, if anything, we should do about them.  NB: There are 
> exceptions in the XMLs and the XSDs.

I'll do that soon.

> Regarding the use of <element> for type definitions at the top of the 
> XSDs:  is there any way we can adopt a slightly different methodology 
> that enforces the hierarchy suggested by the examples?  The change is 
> minor, and you can look the attached jingle.xsd for an example.  This 
> way when you include the jingle namespace the only element you can pull 
> in is <jingle>, but you can still use the top-level types.  This would 
> be true for all of the Jingle XSDs and would pin XML document validation 
> to be just like the examples. 
> Here's the high-level of what I mean...
> Before:
> ---------------------------------------------
> <xs:element name="jingle">
> ...
> <xs:element ref="content"/>
> <xs:element ref="reason"/>
> ...
> </xs:element>
> <xs: element name="content"/>
> <xs: element name="reason"/>
> After:
> ---------------------------------------------
> <xs:element name="jingle">
> ...
> <xs:element name="content" type="contentType"/>
> <xs:element name="reason" type="reasonType"/>
> ...
> </xs:element>
> <xs: complexType name="contentType"/>
> <xs: complexType name="reasonType"/>

Probably I haven't done things that way because I've been too lazy, but 
it seems reasonable to me.

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