[Jingle] [Fwd: [Summit] Jingle topics

Dirk Meyer dmeyer at tzi.de
Mon Jul 28 12:36:34 CDT 2008

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> Robert McQueen wrote:
>> I meant TLS'd XMPP streams over Jingle. Seems pretty good, most of what
>> we need to do is just define some best practices for clients to generate
>> keys, and do some continuity checking at least.
> Right. Separate thread, separate list. :)

What thread? I'm reading devel, social, jingle and standards-jig using
gmane. Do I need another list or are you talking about OAuth (which is
nice but IMHO something different).



Whenever a system becomes completely defined, some damn fool discovers
something which either abolishes the system or expands it beyond recognition.

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