[Jingle] XEP-0177 typo: missing component attribute in section 4.2

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Wed Nov 12 17:25:32 CST 2008

Senko Rasic wrote:

> the XEP defines required "component" attribute for raw-udp
> candidates, but section 4.2 doesn't mention it, so unless
> one looks at the schema definition, it looks like that
> attribute is optional and used only if there are several
> candidates specified.
> This should be clarified in 4.2 (if the intention is to
> require it, then explicitly state it, if not, fix the
> schema and explicitly state it's optional and default is
> "1" (RTP).

Fixed in XEP-0177. The 'component' attribute is required, so that
example was wrong (not updated along with the others).


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