[Jingle] momentum

Diana Cionoiu diana-liste at null.ro
Fri Nov 14 04:11:54 CST 2008



Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> I just submitted a proposal to give a talk at FOSDEM about Jingle. We
> have a lot of momentum right now with all the development efforts going
> on (Pidgin, Kopete, Yate, Psi, Pandion, Gajim, SIP Communicator,
> Empath/Telepathy, etc.) and the FSF's mention of Jingle in its call for
> a free and open alternative to Skype. [1] So I wonder if perhaps we can
> make a big push for Jingle support in a bunch of clients by the time of
> FOSDEM (early February). Not necessarily releases (I don't want to tell
> you guys when to release new versions of your software!), but strong
> progress in these clients so that we can publish a list of software that
> has working Jingle support or has pledged to have such support (perhaps
> by end of 2009 or before FOSDEM 2010 or something like that). I think
> this could be a powerful thing to announce at FOSDEM. We could even have
> one representative from each project up on stage to emphasize the point
> that we have a whole bunch of people and projects on board to make this
> happen!
> What do you think?
> Peter
> [1] http://www.fsf.org/campaigns/priority.html#skypereplacement

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