[Jingle] jingle bot

Diana Cionoiu diana-liste at null.ro
Sun Nov 16 16:05:45 CST 2008


We've made a jingle bot so the jingle developers can test with:
The version which supports DTMF's can be found at:

1234 at bot.jabber.null.ro
ivr at bot.jabber.null.ro

The version which supports DTMF's and DTMF's sent as text messages can be found at:

1235 at bot.jabber.null.ro
txt at bot.jabber.null.ro

As you can see one has a numeric jid and one doesn't.

In the near future we will add more features like SRTP, early media and 
god knows what other features customers will ask for.

The jabber server is Tigase. The jingle implementation is Yate.

Have fun,

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