[Jingle] XEP-0215 support?

Robert McQueen robert.mcqueen at collabora.co.uk
Mon Nov 17 19:14:07 CST 2008

Hi Peter,

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> I never received any feedback on this issue.
> Do Openfire, ejabberd, and Telepathy support XEP-0215 or do they use
> XEP-0030 for these external service discovery use cases? If they use
> XEP-0030, how?

Sorry, I was away on a flight of fancy when I wrote this original mail.
Unfortunately, there's no such magic at work here at all. Telepathy only
supports Google's google:jingleinfo extension at the moment:

When I heard that Openfire had a STUN server module now, I kinda assumed
it'd show up in disco somehow. That's true in a way, because it
implements google:jingleinfo too, so it's in the server's features and
returns a STUN server and lets Telepathy use it, but it's not the
XEP-0215 flying car future we were promised. :(

> /psa


> Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
>> I saw this interesting bug report on the Telepathy list (yes, I'm on
>> every discussion list that is even vaguely related to XMPP).
>> I pose some related questions at the end of this message, and I have
>> cc'd developers on Openfire and ejabberd so we can figure this out.
>> ***
>> -------- Original Message --------
>> From: bugzilla-daemon at freedesktop.org
>> To: telepathy at lists.freedesktop.org
>> Date: Thu,  9 Oct 2008 18:24:05 -0700 (PDT)
>> Subject: [Telepathy] [Bug 17995] New: discover STUN servers from disco
>> requests
>> http://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=17995
>>            Summary: discover STUN servers from disco requests
>>            Product: Telepathy
>>            Version: unspecified
>>           Platform: Other
>>         OS/Version: All
>>             Status: NEW
>>           Severity: normal
>>           Priority: medium
>>          Component: telepathy-gabble
>>         AssignedTo: will.thompson at collabora.co.uk
>>         ReportedBy: robert.mcqueen at collabora.co.uk
>>          QAContact: telepathy at lists.freedesktop.org
>> Recent releases XMPP servers like OpenFire and Ejabberd come with STUN
>> server plugins which get advertised in the server's disco responses. We
>> should find such things and use them to set the STUN server and port
>> used for Jingle calls if we didn't get one by doing the google:relay
>> thing and the user didn't specify one.
>> ***
>> My question is: how do these STUN server plugins work in relation to the
>> XMPP servers and service discovery? Do Openfire and ejabbed use standard
>> service discovery to advertise the existence of the STUN server plugin?
>> If so, what is the JID advertised for the STUN server? Typical STUN
>> servers do not communicate via XMPP, so I'm wondering what the JID is.
>> And are these STUN server plugins different from standard STUN servers?
>> If so, how and why? Note that there is an SRV record lookup method for
>> STUN servers, so the XMPP service discovery method is only a fallback.
>> Instead of using standard XMPP service discovery (XEP-0030) as the
>> fallback, another option is to use "external service discovery"
>> (XEP-0215), which is very similar to what Google Talk does:
>> http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0215.html
>> I'd like to get some clarification on this so that we can figure out the
>> right way to proceed and especially to ensure interoperability here!
>> Peter

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