[Jingle] momentum

Dirk Meyer dmeyer at tzi.de
Tue Nov 18 12:46:26 CST 2008


Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> I just submitted a proposal to give a talk at FOSDEM about Jingle. We
> have a lot of momentum right now with all the development efforts going
> on (Pidgin, Kopete, Yate, Psi, Pandion, Gajim, SIP Communicator,
> Empath/Telepathy, etc.) and the FSF's mention of Jingle in its call for
> a free and open alternative to Skype.

I think it is a good idea. If I ask what people know about XMPP they
only know that it is for chatting; people do not know that we have
Jingle RTP.

> So I wonder if perhaps we can make a big push for Jingle support in a
> bunch of clients by the time of FOSDEM (early February).

We should also keep TCP-based Jingle in mind. Jingle is much more than
just VoIP. We already have Jingle Filetransfer and the client-to-client
security layer also depends on it.


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