[Jingle] libjingle in Python

kael ka-el at laposte.net
Fri Nov 21 10:37:12 CST 2008

Sjoerd Simons wrote, On 11/13/2008 02:14 PM:
> For mingle[0] we've written, among other things, a simple jingle client using
> twisted, farsight2[1] and nice[2]. I wouldn't call the code production quality
> by far (it's mainly for testing purposes), but it should provide a good start
> for those kind of things. And ofcourse feedback/patches are always welcome :)
> The code is available in on git.collabora.co.uk[3]

Thank you very much for having made me discover Mingle.

After having solved a gtk-doc dependency issue for compilation and set 
the correct LD_LIBRARY_PATH for Farsight, I've launched jingle-gui.py 
and a GUI's appeared, but not sure of what to do then.

> Farsight2 handles all the streaming issues for you. So the only thing your
> python code needs to do is the actual jingle signalling.

This sounds awesome. I had some look at the code, there is a lot to 
learn from it and it looks much more easier than I would have imagined.

Now I need to dive into documentation regarding gstreamer, 
python-gstreamer and Farsight APIs, and also RTP, ICE and Jingle.

BTW, wondering, which XEP are or could be implemented with Farsight ?



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