[Jingle] LAST CALL on XEPs 166, 167, 176, 177

Paul Witty paulrw at codian.com
Thu Nov 27 07:37:06 CST 2008

So what are the current implementations?  And where can I get them to 
play with?



Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> The XMPP Council has approved issuance of a Last Call for the following
> specs (ending on December 19, 2008):
> XEP-0166: Jingle
> XEP-0167: Jingle RTP Sessions
> XEP-0176: Jingle ICE-UDP Transport Method
> XEP-0177: Jingle Raw UDP Transport Method
> This means that I will be poking every Jingle developer in my roster to
> review these specs and post comments to the standards at xmpp.org list,
> where the comments could be things like "this spec is perfect and I've
> implemented the whole thing" or "I'm implementing it but I found a few
> typos" or "this spec is a bit unclear about Feature X" or "this protocol
> would be even better if it included Feature Y" or "stop the presses, I
> have major concerns about Feature Z".
> So expect to be poked. :)
> /psa

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