[Jingle] jingle summit/hackfest?

Robert McQueen robert.mcqueen at collabora.co.uk
Wed Sep 3 18:48:33 CDT 2008

I mentioned this to a few people at the XMPP summit in Portland, but I
think we'd make some more definitive progress on Jingle if we got the
right people together for maybe a day or two of brainstorming on the
outstanding protocol issues, and a few days of hacking code to see if we
can get the major clients up to some baseline functionality/interopability.

We could take some time to check over the current XEPs and sketch out
some new protocols for the extra functionality we'd like to see covered
(to give Peter lots of nice XEP drafting work to do :D), and then spend
the rest of the time trying to get our Jingle implementations to talk to
each other somehow.

For clients using or planning to use Farsight do the streaming stuff, we
can also have one of our guys on hand to help out, and for clients not
planning to use Farsight, they can explain why you should. :D

If people were interested in such an event I'd be willing for Collabora
to look at organising the initial event, maybe here in Cambridge, and
try and arrange some sponsorship for venue and travel accomodation as
needed (or even sponsor a little from Collabora), and of course any help
here would be appreciated (I don't suppose any Googlers are hanging out
here and would like to put up some XMPP hackers in Mountain View for a
week? :D).

It'd be nice to get a couple of people from the major Jingle
stakeholders (so the clients who are working on support, any
device/server vendors looking to interoperate, etc) along. What do
people think?


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