[Jingle] news

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Tue Sep 23 09:20:05 CDT 2008

Diana Cionoiu wrote:
> Hello boys & girls,
> Any news on jingle. 

I need feedback from everyone on this list regarding the latest versions
of the specs. I'll review them this week, too -- I think there may be
some inconsistencies, the schemas need to be corrected, etc. Please take
some time to read the specs again so we can finalize them!

> When are we gonna have added the necessary
> modifications for PSTN discuses in Portland?

This week I will write initial versions of the early media and session
transfer specs, based on the discussions in Portland.

I also need to fix the file transfer spec, and see if the current specs
correctly document the session renegotiation flow we talked about.

Finally, we need to write the initial version of the "smoke-out"
protocol ("I'll share presence+caps if you will").

Anything else?

Let's get this done!


Peter Saint-Andre

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