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arv arv.3g9hkb at no-mx.jabberforum.org
Wed Sep 24 16:46:19 CDT 2008

Peter Saint-Andre;3716 Wrote: 
> arv wrote:
> > While browsing i have got the impression that jingle does not
> implement
> > sending of video stream, but is only used for the signalling. Is
> that
> > correct? if so, how do i send a video stream using jingle and
> jabber?
> Correct, the core Jingle spec (XEP-0166) covers only the signalling.
> To
> send video, you would use RTP (XEP-0167). As far as I know, most
> developers are working on audio, not video, so I don't know which
> projects you might be able to test with.

Hi Peter,
Thanks for the prompt reply. I can see from some recent posts that
therz a lot still going on with jingle. Is there anything i should be
aware of while building a video client? which actionscript library would
u advise for video? 

When u say "developers are working on audio, not video" do you mean
there are few/no libraries that implement jingle video transfer yet? Or
is it that the libraries for video transfer are available but not in any
current projects?


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