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Tue Sep 23 07:25:05 CDT 2008

seems that Theora (both spec-wise and implementation-wise) is strongly
lacking behind h.264 and its implementations (e.g. x264). Not to mention
the possibility of SVC
( in the future.

After all, you want to deliver the best user experience, not only in
the NAT traversal field but also in video quality and coding efficiency.
Why would people use new or inferior technology if they can continue
using Sk*pe, right? (No, most of them don't care about open standards,
but what the software can really do.)

Also, don't forget that the USA are NOT the whole world and software
patents are not valid everywhere.

(The world would be much nicer place without software patents and such
widespread NAT usage…)

Lukáš 'spike411' Polívka

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