[Jingle] 1.1 XEPs (166, 167, 177)

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Wed Dec 2 11:01:05 CST 2009

On 12/2/09 12:01 AM, Justin Uberti wrote:
> Makes sense. Anyone willing to take a stab at defining the contents of
> <avpf>?

My question is: do we need this for the 1.1 specs? The AVPF stuff seems
like a new feature that requires some further thought. In the meantime,
I'd like to get these fixes out...

XEP-0166: Specified handling of duplicate name attributes on content
element; clarified recommended usage of Jingle when exchanging multiple
content-types; declared the principle that application types ought not
to be mixed beyond necessity within a single session; clarified use of
the reason element in cases other than termination.

XEP-0167: Added creator attribute to mute and unmute elements so that
these events can be correlated with a particular content type; clarified
use of the reason element in cases other than termination; defined
handling of content-add when none of the offered payload-types are
supported, where the signalling uses a content-reject message with a
Jingle reason of <failed-application/> and a list of the supported codecs.

XEP-0177: Added type attribute to candidate element for consistency with


Peter Saint-Andre

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