[Jingle] Call forking

Justin Uberti juberti at google.com
Wed Oct 14 23:08:56 CDT 2009

Yeah, it can probably be worked out; while you will need to be careful
not to saturate the outbound pipe with stun pings, I can't recall the
other complications I was worried about.

On Wednesday, October 14, 2009, Peter Saint-Andre <stpeter at stpeter.im> wrote:
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> On 10/8/09 9:57 PM, Justin Uberti wrote:
>> My experience is that in practice, forking is the only comprehensive
>> solution. I was against forking for a long time but I really think it is
>> what the user expects to happen.
>> Our current approach at Google is to identify the most recently active
>> capable client and send the call there, but we sometimes we get it
>> wrong, perhaps because the user has just left their desk/switched
>> browser tabs/etc.
>> Calling all endpoints and then sending a terminate message with a
>> "cancel" reason to the other endpoints seems like a reasonable approach.
> Well this is basically what Google Talk does for messages, too, right?
>> Doing ICE in this situation may be very complicated though.
> Not necessarily complicated, I think, just an awful lot of packets. :)
> Peter
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