[Jingle] Call forking

Florian Zeitz florian.zeitz at gmx.de
Thu Oct 15 13:45:01 CDT 2009

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Justin Uberti wrote:
> That's my opinion as well.
> On Thu, Oct 15, 2009 at 11:04 AM, Peter Saint-Andre <stpeter at stpeter.im
> <mailto:stpeter at stpeter.im>> wrote:
> On 10/15/09 12:03 PM, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
>> On 10/15/09 11:56 AM, Justin Uberti wrote:
>>> Are there any issues with <cancel/>? That seems like what we want
> here.
>> +1
> I mean, we can define a special reason for <session-accepted-elsewhere/>
> or something like that if we really want to, but I don't really see the
> need.
> Peter
<insert rant about evil top posters here />

I personally think we want <alternative-session/> if we use anything
that is already there.
I think a reason of cancel would suggest that the caller was waiting to
long and decided to hang up (i.e. it would log a missed call which we
don't want to happen here).
"The party prefers to use an existing session with the peer rather than
initiate a new session" sounds pretty much like what's the case here...
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