[Jingle] Opinions about Coin

Diana Cionoiu diana-liste at null.ro
Thu Apr 28 11:01:17 UTC 2011

  Hello Emil,

I understand where you are comming from.
SIP doesn't have any restrictions on the infrastructure, therefor 
everyone does how it feels like.
Jabber does have restrictions on the infrastructure and that's a good 
thing because it's a federate system which implies that servers should 
be able to work one with another. The same goes for any XEP.


On 04/19/2011 09:54 PM, Emil Ivov wrote:
> Hey Diana,
> На 19.04.11 21:23, Diana Cionoiu написа:
>>> Could you please elaborate on this? Why is Coin not a nice proposal
>>> for a Jingle client?
>> Because Jingle in the first place it's a IM protocol. That part is now
>> covered by Muji.
> I am not sure I understand this.
>>> I think that all those points are way too much to call it a protocol.
>>> I also don't expect a mobile phone to implement a fully capable focus,
>>> but it should be able to join a conference. How would you handle this?
>> I don't expect either for a mobile phone to implement a full capable
>> focus. But that doesn't mean that aren't jabber clients desktop based
>> like GTalk which can do it. The real question is to make a protocol that
>> handles both worlds the desktop and the mobiles.
>> The fact is that a company like Google or Yahoo or Skype will dislike to
>> have a focus (focus = audio/video mixer) on their servers because of the
>> bandwidth costs. And we like it or not those are a far larger amount of
>> users than the business users which can afford to pay for the bandwidth.
> There seems to be some confusion here: Coin implementations are in no
> way limited to dedicated servers. The Jitsi implementation for example
> is capable of acting as both a focus/mixer or as a simple participant.
> One of the main advantages of Coin is that it sets no constraints on the
> infrastructure.
> Cheers,
> Emil

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