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Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Thu Apr 28 12:14:56 UTC 2011

On Thu Apr 28 12:50:16 2011, Emil Ivov wrote:
> Hey Diana,
> На 28.04.11 14:01, Diana Cionoiu написа:
> >   Hello Emil,
> >
> > I understand where you are comming from.
> > SIP doesn't have any restrictions on the infrastructure, therefor
> > everyone does how it feels like.
> > Jabber does have restrictions on the infrastructure and that's a  
> good
> > thing because it's a federate system which implies that servers  
> should
> > be able to work one with another. The same goes for any XEP.
> This is beginning to get too generic and I am afraid I am not  
> following.
> Could you please point the aspects in Coin that you think would  
> prevent
> XMPP servers to work with one another?

I think Diana is saying that the model of COIN is essentially that of  
SIP, and doesn't conform well to the federation and deployment model  
of XMPP, which is much more structured and well-defined.

I have no comment on whether this is the case or not as regards COIN,  
but I would note that as a general rule, trying to mix models can  
lead to complex behaviour which is not always desirable.

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