[Jingle] Jingle for multiparty sessions

Andreas Kuckartz A.Kuckartz at ping.de
Mon Jul 4 07:26:32 UTC 2011

Am 02.07.2011 23:01, schrieb Andreas Kuckartz:
> I have not yet seen much debate on this yet (even within Google+
> "circles") but I think that it is important that e2e encrypted streaming
> is supported one way or another even for multiparty sessions.

Well, this has changed already. Dan Gillmor on G+ has asked some
questions about G+, encryption and CALEA:

"+Vic Gundotra Can you answer some questions re encryption, retention
and ownership in G+:


1. Is it enabled for all functions of the service?
2. I gather it's SSL throughout. Correct?
3. If I have a chat or video chat with specific users, can anyone else
-- including Google -- see or record what we're saying?
4. Has Google been asked to make this service comply with CALEA?
5. Is G+ compliant with CALEA, by creating backdoor for law enforcement
to see/hear/record communications?
6. Is there a web page at Google that addresses all of this?
7. What else should I have asked you about these issues, and what are
the answers?"


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