[Jingle] Understanding jingle handshakes.

Tester Prakash prakash.tester.im at gmail.com
Wed Jul 13 17:42:40 UTC 2011

Hello all,

I have been going through the jingle xep-0166 and had a bunch of questions
about the state transitions involved.

1. On a session-initiate, is it necessary that we send the transport
candidates? It may take some time to retrieve this info, so can this be sent
separately in a transport-info action iq? Or should session-initiate always
include all content descriptions and all transport candidates for the

2. Related to question 1. If i have to send atleast on tansport candidate,
Can I send the local IP + port on session-initiate, and send the stun
addresses separately in a transport-info packet following session-initiate

3. Can the responder send a transport-info packet with its candidates before
session-accept or should its candidates be only part of the session-accept?
The adv of sending before, is we can do the candidate pair negotiation as
the ringing happens.

4. I see there is no mandatory step, for the initiator to tell the
responder, the candidate pair it has picked. So i am assuming the responder,
waits for a RTP session on all its candidates and closes the unused
candidates after an RTP session starts?

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