[Jingle] Join header for Jingle conferences

Philipp Hancke fippo at goodadvice.pages.de
Wed Jul 31 20:54:51 UTC 2013

Am 27.07.2013 01:36, schrieb Emil Ivov:
> Hey all,
> We are currently working on Jitsi's next version of Jingle conferencing
> and we have one specific issue that we'd like to discuss here.
> Imagine you use a user agent that can setup and host conferences. This
> could be a dedicated conferencing server that connects as an XMPP client
> to an XMPP server. It could also be an actual XMPP client with mixing
> capabilities.
> Either way, the most important part is that it is only registered with a
> single JID. Something like mixer at example.com/mixer. A conference call
> here is just a bunch of 1-to-1 calls whose content is being mixed or
> relayed/translated.

How strong is your requirement that you must be able to use this on an 
c2s connection? I would recommend a component connection.
If you host more than one session you might run into flood protection 
limits rather quickly otherwise.

I can certainly see the advantage in being able to start a 
three-person-conference running on your own jid, but since you talk 
about a dedicated conference server...

> Now here comes this new person that would like to join this existing
> conference. How would she go about it?

<presence to=session at mixer.example.com/mynick>
    <x xmlns=themucns/>
and then jingle to session at mixer.example.com

The advantage of using presence here is that the users server is 
responsible for telling you when the user goes away without explicitly 
leaving your room.

The disadvantage is that you probably need to implement a decent 
percentage of MUC functionality ;-)
> Potentially, we might want to add some possibility for authentication
> ... like a "secret" attribute for example:
>      <join sid='c95ullxmnc59lhgc' secret='the-password-for-the-conf'/>

When going the muc path you get that for free. It's somewhat silly that 
we still transfer those passwords in plain but...

> But we may want that into a separate element so that we could reuse it
> for things like auto answer calls.
> Thoughts?

We need more time tomorrow!


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