[Jingle] WebRTC + Jingle - Incomplete SDP

Valérian Saliou valerian at jappix.com
Tue Jun 25 11:42:35 UTC 2013

On Jun 25, 2013, at 1:40 PM, Philipp Hancke <fippo at goodadvice.pages.de> wrote:

>> By the way, I have a short question about the Jingle <description /> element. In case I have 2 media streams, both audio and video, that are synchronous (a webcam stream for example):
>> 1. Should I create 2 <content /> elements as I can see on http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0293.html#sdp-mapping ?
>> 2. Or create one single <content /> element, name it something like 'conference', and append 1 single <transport /> element with 2 <description /> elements, one media="audio" and another media="video"?
>> ATM I implemented the 2. way, but I'm not sure it's the correct one since it is not explicitly explained in XEP-0166. But after Philipp sent me a list of useful Jingle XEPs for my implementation, and I found out the XML scheme from the link in 1., I have doubts.
> use two <content/>s, they basically map to an sdp mline. The synchronization is implicit by having them in the same session.

Okay, will do that. Thanks for your help!

I'm currently taking inspiration from your code, Philipp. I will ping you in case I encounter any more problem :)


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