[Juser] Server?

Peter Adams praest76 at cancellation.freeserve.co.uk
Tue Aug 6 08:09:19 CDT 2002

Michael Brown said...

> > Now to find a client that doesn't make me want to punch the
> > monitor.

> If you are used to ICQ, you could try Yabber (http://www.yabber.org) 
> It's loosely based on the ICQ interface, so it might suite you.  We

Aren't most Jabber clients based on ICQ? At least how many seem to be 

I like control from a client. That's the main thing. And nice but 
minimal gui design.

> are trying to cut down on the amount of monitor punching out there in
> the Jabber community

That's a tall order. It's not always the fault of the client, it justm 
ight be the catalyst. You can't account for love-lives, dodgy net 
connections or unreliable workmen.

> :-)
> It's still in alpha, but (hopefully) stable enough to use.  If there
> are features you would like to see, things that bug ya or any other
> bugs/suggestions/etc, post them to the forums at yabber.org or email
> me, and I'll consider getting them added.

I'll give it a look see. I'm a sucker for new clients anyway :)

np: H.A.L.O. - I can smell the coffee

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