[Juser] Exodus question

Malone, Pat pmalone at lsil.com
Thu Dec 12 14:31:41 CST 2002

Hello all.

I picked up Exodus to try out (I'm an old WinJab user).
I have a question about presence information in group chats.

Under WinJab and group chat, when folks join, leave, or change presence,
there is a notification line in the groupchat window.  Like this:
[13:24]   pmalone is now Available ()
[13:25]   pmalone is now Away (Away)
[13:25]   pmalone is now Available (Online)
[13:27]   %% pmalone

However, I never see any messages like this from Exodus except a simple one
when someone leaves the group.
[13:27] pmalone

Is there an exodus setting to get these presence messages into group chat?
(I do see them in individual chats)



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