[Juser] Conference Ops

Mike Mintz mikemintz at subdimension.com
Sat Dec 21 23:00:49 CST 2002

I'm assuming the problem is because you are not using MUC. The only way you 
can use kick/ban is if you use the MUC component (or some other one that 
doesn't exist yet), but the conference one does not have that feature.


 - MikeM

On Saturday 21 December 2002 07:28 am, Tony Bibbs wrote:
> I recently managed to get jabber and jabber conference installed without
> too much trouble.  I can create conference rooms and participate as
> expected.  However, how do I assign myself as an operator of the room?
> Using Exodus I don't have the ability to kick/ban/etc even though I
> created the room.
> Thanks,
> --Tony
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