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sireesha vudatha svu004 at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 26 20:08:21 CST 2002

Hi Ed, 
Well, I am a beginner(student) and I had recently experimented with the conferencing module.. So, the following is based on my experience... i guess its right but if its wrong, then anyone is welcome to correct me... 
yes, its true that the conferencing service will be referred to as: conference.im.example.com so that the users of our server, which offers conferencing can create rooms as: roomname at conference.im.example.com. 
and we identify the conferencing service by including the following line in the jabber.xml  in the <browse/> section as:
<conference type="private" jid="conference.localhost" name="private conferencing"/>
instead of "conference.localhost", we can replace it with "conference.FQDN" or "conference.IPADDRESS of our server"
 Ed Sawicki <ed at alcpress.com> wrote: I'm trying to setup a jabber server for a group of people that
don't do well with complexity. Suppose the jabber server name
is im.example.com. If they want to create chat rooms, it seems
that the conferencing module must have a different name, such
as conference.im.example.com. Is this true?

Ed Sawicki 

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