[Juser] Chat "commands" ?

Carson Chittom carson at starflare.org
Tue Jun 25 05:02:43 CDT 2002

On 2002-06-25 11:47:36 +0200 "STOOPS,PETER (HP-Belgium,ex1)" <peter_stoops at hp.com> wrote:

> Hi @,

> I found out that typing "/me is tired" results in "Peter is tired". And not
> "<Peter says> /me is tired".
> I am wondering if there are more of these "pseudo commands" available in
> Jabber.
> Maybe I don't really express myself very well, but I am quite new to the IM
> community, and just trying to learn...
> I already searched a good bit for this info, but haven't found any
> documentation on this. CAn anyone tell me more about it? Or point me in a
> good direction? TNX!
> BTW I am using the Winjab client.

/me is an "action" command taken from Internet Relay Chat (IRC -- for further info http://www.mirc.com and/or http://www.xchat.org may be helpful).  How it's handled in a Jabber client is, if I'm not mistaken, up to the client--the server doesn't do anything except pass along the "/me whatever" within its standard XML envelope.  So it's not a question of what Jabber does, but rather one of what does WinJab (in your case) do.


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