[Juser] (no subject)

Amit Tyagi tyagia at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 10 06:37:10 CDT 2002


I have just installed Jabber ver 1.4.2 on Windows 2000.It will be used for 
our internal chat purposes.

I am using Exodus as the client software. However I am not able to connect 
to the jabber server. The softoware jsut says "disconnedted" and tries to 

The error on the server is
"20020610T11:05:24: [notice] (-internal): initializing server
20020610T11:06:29: [notice] (INDDHCPC201): bouncing a routed packet to 
amit at INDDHCPC201 from 15 at c2s/A0A5E40: Internal Delivery Error"

Can somebody please help me.



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