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Mike and Dawn Dennis mikeanddawn at dmci.net
Tue Jun 18 11:45:04 CDT 2002

On Monday, June 17, 2002, at 07:25 AM, juser-request at jabber.org wrote:

>> What's this new client?
> Proteus 1.6 (http://www.indigofield.com/) for Mac Os X. But I can use 
> any
> other client (Windows, Mac) to deacivate the gateway.... But how ? Or 
> what
> Client can deactivate a gateway ?
> Best wishes
> Steffen Zoernig

JabberFox (OSX), and Jabbernaught (Mac OS 9) can register and unregister 

For JabberFox you control click on the transport you wish to work with, 
highlight "Subscription" which displays a nested menu with the option to 
"Unsubscribe from Presence"

For Jabbernaught you bring the Agents window to the front, double-click 
on the transport that you want to work with and it gives you an option 
to unregister.

Fwiw, if Proteus lets you set the order in which it logs into the 
services, you could simply have it log into jabber first, then the other 
services.  This will knock the jabber transports offline.  The main 
advantage to this method is that your transports remain registered if 
you use more than one jabber client (I do -- sometimes Fire, which logs 
on to each service individually, sometimes other clients, which need the 

Hope this helps.

Mike Dennis

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