[Juser] digest authentication problem

karthikeyan nagalingam karthivijaya at yahoo.com
Wed May 15 06:55:36 CDT 2002

hai friend, 
           i am newbie to jabber, i installed
jabber-1.4.2.i386.rpm, it is installed fine,
# jabberd -D 
does n't give any error it is working fine, for jabber
client i use gabber, while the gabber client
communicate to the server every time it gives the
following error
"login failed. It is possible this server does not
support digest authentication. Try connecting again
with digest disabled"

then i again connect the server with username and
password, then the machine create the separate
directory for that user everytime. if u not understand
please let me now, i will give detail explanation.

i use this chat server for my intranet server please
help me to solve the above problem,

waiting for your favourble reply,

thanks in advance,


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