[Juser] adding yahoo acct via exodus

Menzi, Hans HMenzi at eci.com
Mon Nov 4 09:46:35 CST 2002


1.) From the menu, click "Exodus - > Register with a service"

2.) The Jabber ID of the service will be one of the following:

    - aim.jabber.XXX.com
    - msn.jabber.XXX.com
    - yahoo.jabber.XXX.com

3.) Click next to setup your account on the jabber server.

4.) Enter your username and password.

    NOTE: username for MSN should look like USER at hotmail.com


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We have jabberd 1.4.2 with yahoo-transport2, running on a redhat box. 
How would I add my login acct on yahoo! via an exodus client so that I 
can be logged into my jabber acct, and via the transport, logged into 
I can't find anything on the Exodus interface.

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